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MagKing Forex is an award-winning Canadian foreign exchange CFD broker with a variety of trading assets. Global customers can trade foreign exchange, indices and various commodities with high-quality trading conditions.

MagKing Group operates under the full supervision of the world’s most trusted and reputable financial institutions and is subject to the Canadian Financial Transaction and Reporting Analysis Center Board (FINTRAC), US FinCEN-Money Service Business (MSB) and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-Financial Services authorization and supervision.

Our mission is to help our clients grow and become traders, which is why we provide a complete and integrated trader support service system, covering one-to-one teaching, leading analysts from developing countries, and innovative trading tools to enable our clients Can make better and more complete trading decisions.

MagKing Forex is committed to establishing long-term cooperative relations with customers. We take credibility, transparency and provide high-quality trader support services as our operating plan. It is these concepts and norms that make us a favorite and trusted partner of traders all over the world.

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